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The Conservation Department


AGWA Conservation lab

The Art Gallery of Western Australia’s conservation department is responsible for the care and preservation of the State Art Collection’s nearly 17,000 art works.

The role of the Gallery’s conservators is to protect these works from deterioration, while making them accessible to the viewing public for now and the future. To meet this challenge, conservators undertake examination, documentation and treatments as well as ensuring that proper storage, handling and display protocols are in place to provide the best environment for each work’s long term safety. The conservators are also responsible for condition reporting and advising on the safe-keeping of works that come into the Gallery on loan.

All conservation work is supported by the most current research and informed by specialist education. As such, the conservation team adhere to the highest international standards, working to minimise intervention and promote longevity, while respecting the historical integrity and original artistic intention of each work. To carry out their duties, the Gallery’s conservators work closely with their colleagues, particularly those in the curatorial and registration teams.

The conservation department consists of four professionally qualified conservators and two technicians. Together, they look after three specialty areas: objects, paintings and paper. There is also a full-time framer who repairs and makes the often complex frames integral to so many works.





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