Green World Revolution planter box

AGWA Botanical in collaboration with Green World Revolution

AGWA Botanical is a new pop-up garden oasis, a urban farm growing food in the urban jungle outside AGWA’s Garden Micro Gallery. With seasonal plantings of edible botanicals, on display summer, winter, autumn and spring, enhancing the hues and shades of everyday green.

AGWA Botanical is a creative collaboration between AGWA and Green World Revolution (GWR), Western Australia’s not-for-profit environmental social enterprise. It uses urban farming to growing jobs for the long-term unemployed, through the supply of artfully grown delicacies to Perth’s top restaurants.

Starting in November 2016 the project transforms from a horticultural construction program initiated by GWR, (through Communicare Inc, as a Work For The Dole Project funded by the Australian Department of Employment) , to Australia’s most unique mini-urban farm. AGWA Botanical is a unique project and visitors will have delightfully green, seasonal opportunities to visit and learn the art of growing their own food in special open days.

AGWA Botanical has been made possible through a Work for The Dole Project, initiated by GWR in liaison with Communicare Inc. and funded by the Australian Department of Employment. This initiative is GWR’s second city farm, the first being in Gladstone Street, East Perth. GWR’s team of previously unemployed people deliver fresh produce to restaurants on bicycles five days a week

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