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Special Exhibitions

Tom Malone Prize 2018 catalogue cover  

Tom Malone Prize 2018

© 2018 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Year 12 Perspectives 2017 catalogue cover  

year 12 perspectives 2017

© 2018 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Corsini Collection catalogue cover  

A Window on Italy – The Corsini Collection: Masterpieces from Florence

Authors: Various

© 2018 Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki

ISBN: 978-0-86463-319-4

Price: $29.95

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WA Now - Julie Dowling catalogue cover  

WA Now – Julie Dowling – Babanyu (Friends for life)

© 2017 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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WA Now Gregory Pryor Catalogue Cover  

WA now – gregory pryor – Looking Glass

© 2017 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017 catalogue cover  

contemporary australian glass

The Tom Malone Prize 2003-2017

Authors: Various

© The Art Gallery of Western Australia 2017

ISBN: 978-0-6481062-0-3

Price: $29.95

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WA Focus - Nathan Beard catalogue cover  

WA Focus – nathan beard

© 2017 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Year 12 Perspectives 2016 catalogue cover  

year 12 perspectives 2016

© 2017 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Finlandisation - Juha Tolonen catalogue cover  

WA Focus – Finlandisation Juha Tolonen

© 2016 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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WA Focus Rebecca Baumann catalogue cover  

wa focus – rebecca baumann

© 2016 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Tom Malone Prize catalogue cover  

Luminous: tom malone prize 2016

Author: Robert Cook

© 2016 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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WA Focus - TR + AS + JW catalogue cover  

WA Focus – TR + AS + JW | Trevor richards, alex spremberg and jurek wybraniec

© The Art Gallery of Western Australia 2016

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Year 12 Perspectives 2015 catalogue cover  

year 12 perspectives 2015

© 2016 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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WA Focus - Graham Miller catalogue cover  

WA Focus – Graham miller

© The Art Gallery of Western Australia 2015

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Treasure Ships catalogue cover  

treasure ships: art in the age of spices

Authors: James Bennett & Russell Kelty

© The Art Gallery of South Australia 2014

ISBN: 978-1-921668-22-7

Price: $35

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WAIAA 2015 catalogue cover  

Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2015

Authors: Clotilde Bullen, Amy-Barrett-Lennard, Carly Lane & Kimberley Moulton

© The Art Gallery of Western Australia 2015

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-9-3

Price: $29.95

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WA Focus - Helen Smith catalogue cover  

WA Focus – Helen Smith

© The Art Gallery of Western Australia 2015

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Year 12 Perspectives 2014 catalogue cover  

year 12 perspectives 2014

© 2015 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Tom Malone Prize 2015 catalogue cover  

tom malone prize 2015

Author: Robert Cook

© 2015 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Guy Grey-Smith catalgue cover  

GUy Grey-Smith: Art as Life

Author: Melissa Harpley

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-8-6

© The Art Gallery of Western Australia 2014



Year 12 Perspectives 2013 catalogue cover  

Year 12 Perspectives 2013

© 2014 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Tom Malone Prize 2014 catalogue cover  

Tom Malone Prize 2014

Author: Robert Cook

© 2014 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Van Gogh, Dali and Beyond Catalogue  

Van Gogh, Dalí and Beyond: The World Reimagined

Samantha Friedman

© The Museum of Modern Art

Price: $5

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WAIAA 2013 catalogue cover  

Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2013

Author: Clotilde Bullen, Hetti Perkins, John Barrett-Lennard, Carly Lane and Alana Hunt

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-7-9

© 2013 Art Gallery of Western Australia



Year 12 Perspectives 2012

© 2013 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Picturing New York

Sarah Hermanson Meister

© The Museum of Modern Art


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Tom Malone Prize 2013 catalogue cover  

tom malone prize 2013

Author: Robert Cook

© 2013 Art Gallery of Western Australia

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Luminous World catalogue cover  

luminous world:

contemporary art from the wesfarmers collection

Editor: Janet Blagg

ISBN: 9781922089090 (pbk.)

© Wesfarmers Limited 2012

Price: $40

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Picasso to Warhol catalogue cover  

Picasso to Warhol: Fourteen modern masters

Jodi Hauptman

ISBN: 978-0-87070-841-1

© 2012 The Museum of Modern Art, New York


Jeff Wall catalogue cover  

Jeff Wall photographs

Author: Gary Dufour, Isobel Crombie and Mark Bolland

© National Gallery of Victoria 2012

ISBN: 9780724103546 (pbk.)

Price: $5

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Made to Remember

Author: Clotilde Bullen

© 2012 Art Gallery of Western Australia

Price: $5

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Showcasing a diverse selection of works including glass and ceramic objects, textiles and clothing, as well as examples of traditional sculpture.


Tom Malone Prize 2012

Author: Robert Cook

© 2012 Art Gallery of Western Australia

Price: $5

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2012 marks a decade of the Tom Malone Prize. This acquisitive award for Australian glass artists has been the platform for the Gallery to collect some of the best work being made in the country today.

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Princely Treasures: European Masterpieces 1600 - 1800

from the Victoria and Albert Museum

Editor: Sarah Medlam and Lesley Ellis Miller

© The Board of Trustees of the Victoria and Albert Museum, 2011

ISBN: 978-1-85177-633-7

Price: $5

Available at the Gallery Shop

An informative and lavishly illustrated exhibition book accompanies this exhibition – a great collector’s item for the art lover, and a wonderful gift idea; couple it with a ticket to the exhibition and you have the perfect gift for that person "who has everything".


Translucence contemporary glass

Author: Robert Cook

© 2011 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-5-5


Translucence: contemporary glass exhibited 45 works by 36 artists. Comprised of all past winners of the prize and important glass works from the State Art Collection including; Klaus Moje, Toni Warbuton, Josiah McElheny, Charles Butcher, Dale Chihuly and Kevin Gordon.


Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2011

Author: Tina Baum, Robert Cook, Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, Ian McLean, Howard Morphy

© 2011 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-4-8
Price: $12

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William Kentridge Shadow quartet

Author: Gary Dufour

© 2011 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-2-4
Price: $5

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Shadow quartet forms an ensemble of four individual sculptures; each one of the figures is actually a cluster of multiple shadow figures with different personas that appear and disappear as you move around and between them. Ambiguity, recognition and deception are intertwined in Shadow quartet, as each sculpture morphs playfully from one persona to another, from one individual to many, changing before your eyes – animated by your movement. Shadow quartet therefore creates continuous and surprising perceptual discoveries of recognition and transformations, and great visual pleasure.


Plates, blocks and stones

Author: Lucy Harper

© 2011 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9870804-3-1
Price: $9.95

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This display brings together 88 rarely seen international prints from the State Art Collection. Featuring works produced over five centuries by some of the most influential artists in Western art, their delicacy, power and technical skill celebrate the art and craft of printmaking. The array of printmaking techniques is compelling and reveals the distinct means of expression of the print.

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Author: Robert Cook, Jenepher Duncan, Gregory Pryor & Tracy Ryan

© 2011 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-9-6
Price: $10

Available from the Gallery Shop

remix is an exciting exhibition that showcases the creativity of twenty contemporary Western Australian artists of diverse backgrounds, age and experience. The exhibition includes a broad mix of media with painting, sculpture, design, photography, textile and filmic work, most of it new or recently created and representing some of the most compelling examples of contemporary practice by Western Australian artists.

Like the mixtape exhibitions in 2003 and 2006, remix brings together a diverse group of works that offer an opportunity to experience what some of Western Australia’s artists are doing in their practice. The works selected are not limited by a single theme but instead are orchestrated around approaches to making art, materiality or the experience of place. Above all, remix aims to delight and engage anyone interested in sampling what is happening now in contemporary art in Western Australia.


Year 12 Perspectives 2010

Author: Robert Cook

© 2011 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-9-9
Price: $3

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Peggy guggenheim: A collection in Venice

Author: Philip Rylands and Grazina Subelyte

© 2010 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 9780980626865
Price: $10

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The publication explores Peggy Guggenheim's collection of paintings and sculptures,    which includes the works of artists who are now household names, such as Picasso, Brancusi, Giacometti, Magritte, Ernst, Rothko and Pollock. Peggy Guggenheim:                 A Collection in Venice offers both a fantastic overview of European and American    abstract and Expressionist art from the 1910s to the 1950s and an insightful look into Peggy Guggenheims atypical personality and her patronage and passions as a collector.

Written by Philip Rylands and Grazina Subelyte with a forward by Stefano Carboni,  Richard Armstrong and Philip Rylands.




Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2010

Author: Glenn Iseger-Pilkington, Jonathan Jones, Brenda L. Loft, Stephen Gilchrist and Clotilde Bullen

© 2010 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-7-2
Price: $12

Available from the Gallery Shop

The Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards is a national art award founded in 2008 to celebrate the diversity and richness of Indigenous art from across the country. In its third year, the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards has gone from strength to strength, with 185 nominations received this year from arts organisations nationally.


Patricia Piccinini: RELATIVITY | Exhibition catalogue 2010




Author: Juliana Engberg (except Aloft) Various authors

© 2010 Art Gallery of Western Australia

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-5-8
Price: $10

Available from the Gallery Shop

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is very pleased to present this major exhibition
of the renowned Australian artist Patricia Piccinini, whose work has received               world-wide acclaim. Piccinini's startling sculptures examine the connections between science, art and nature that are so much part of our lives today.

Patricia Piccinini's RELATIVITY is the first major survey of the artist's sculptural works to be shown in Western Australia. The design and presentation of the exhibition were shaped to respond to the architectural context of the gallery, and a major new site-specific work was created to engage with the large volumetric space of the building's concourse area.

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McCubbin: Last Impressions 1907-17 - exhibition catalogue on sale $49.95 from Gallery Shop



McCubbin: Last Impressions 1907-17

Author: Anne Gray with an introduction by Ron Radford

© 2009

ISBN: 9780642334039


The publication traces the radical changes in McCubbin’s work—after viewing the

works of JMW Turner, Claude Monet and John Constable in London and Paris in

1907—and seeks to redefine this important Australian artist, showing the way he

developed a freer and more expressive art through his handling of paint and use of

right glowing colours.

Written by Anne Gray with an introduction by Ron Radford and contributions from

Helen Brack, Rebecca Andrews, Jane Clark, Tracy Cooper- Lavery, Mary Eagle,

Beatrice Gralton, Melissa Harpley, Samantha Littley, Tracey Lock-Weir, Lisa

Sullivan, Elena Taylor and Penny Teale.




Year 12 Perspectives 2009

Author: Glenn Pilkington

© 2010

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-3-4


Year 12 Perspectives 2009 pays tribute to the commitment of Western Australia’s young artists through an exciting exhibition of dynamic, colourful and thought provoking artworks.

Surveying a selection of the finest works created by Year 12 TEE Art and Art and Design students who studied in 2009, Year 12 Perspectives gives the public access to the concerns, passions and aspirations of some of Western Australia’s finest young artists.




Abstract Earth: a view from above

Author: Richard Woldendorp

© 2008

ISBN: 978-1-9213613-1-9


Richard Woldendorp is one of Australia"s leading photographers. For more

than 40 years he has documented the country"s unique landscape from the sky

as a pioneer of aerial photography. Intrigued by the uniqueness of the Australian

landscape, Dutch born Richard Woldendorp became a landscape photographer

with a strong interest in aerial photography, which he feels captures the vastness

of the outback best.

This latest book of photography by Richard Woldendorp spans the last
27 years of his working life. It features 86 of the aerial Australian landscapes
for which Richard is justifiably famous.


Catalogue - Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2009


Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2009

Author: Clotilde Bullen, Stefano Carboni, Brenda Croft, Carly Lane, Keith Munro and Judith Ryan

© 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-2-7



THING - beware the material world exhibition catalogue cover


THING beware the material world

Author: Robert Cook

© 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-0-3

Price: $5

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THING beware the material world. Much more than an exhibition of furniture,

lighting, sculpture, textiles and photography, it celebrates the human impulse to

shape and re-shape the matter that makes our worlds. In presenting an array of

distinct and dynamic work across such media, it is intended to be a platform for

thought and discussion about the meaning of making as it impacts on our

encounters with design and craft in particular, and objects in general. The works

are made from a range of processes including hi-tech machining, creative recycling

and delicate handcrafting.


Year 12 Perspectives 2008 exhibition catalogue


Year 12 Perspectives 2008

Author: Clotilde Bullen

© 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9803266-8-0


The exhibition included 56 works which were selected from across the state,

and in a continuing commitment to cross-cultural engagement, 17 works

from young artists in Japan also feature in the exhibition, through the generous

support of the International Foundation for Arts and Culture. These works

include elegant calligraphic scrolls and diverse mixed media works.

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Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2008


Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards 2008

Author: Gary Dufour, Carly Lane, Susan Lowish, Ian McLean, Djon Mundine and Tiwi Design

© 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9803266-7-3





Raised By Wolves

Author: Robert Cook, Jenepher Duncan, Clotilde Bullen and Melissa Harpley

© 2007

ISBN: 9780980326604
Price: $10

Available from the Gallery Shop

Raised by Wolves is a visual invitation to consider different configurations of

the human family and their personal, social and political implications. A richly

immersive experience composed of photographs, drawings, video projections,

sculptures and paintings, the exhibition features twenty-six international and

Australian artists from several generations. The selected works depict moments

of family celebration and unity, social and peer groupings as alternative families,

the effects of family breakdown, and the geopolitical dynamics that have tended

at times to celebrate families.




Western Desert Satellites

Author: Clotilde Bullen

© 2006

ISBN: 0-9758098-4-9


This stunning collection of works spans almost forty years, and emphasises the

connections between country, community and story. Western Desert stories are

linked with one another and spread in specific ways across a large area of land.

Artworks from this region are a reflection of geographical location, communal

and familial networks and grounded spirituality. There are commonalities of

narrative but an enormous diversity in the expression of those stories, which

presents a challenge as well as a visual adventure to the viewer.




Norman Lindsay: Drawn to Women

The Complete Published Etchings

Author: Melissa Harpley

© 2006

ISBN: 0975809873 

Price: $10

Available from the Gallery Shop

Norman Lindsay was one of Australia's most important artists. He was very

prolific both as an artist and as a writer, but he is also significant for changing

forever the understanding of what it meant to be an artist in Australia. Lindsay

was a complex figure: admired for the extraordinary skill as a draughtsman that

he revealed in his drawings and etchings, enjoyed for the humour in his writing

and at the same time reviled for his deliberate attacks on the public morality of

middle-class Australia.




Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India

Author: Chaitanya Sambrani

© 2005

ISBN: 0878481001


Edge of Desire: Recent Art in India focuses on contemporary Indian art running

from 1993 - 2003, a period marked by enormous social, cultural, and economic

change that counted political violence and rapid economic growth brought about

by liberalization and foreign investment among the most significant. This decade

has seen the undermining of certitudes and aspirations fundamental to the struggle

for self-determination and the establishment of a secular, socialist democracy. This

period has also seen a growth in India's international prominence. These factors

have inevitably influenced major changes in visual culture.

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St Petersburg 1900

Author: Alan Dodge

© 2005

ISBN: 0-9750168-9-X

Price: $10

Available from the Gallery Shop

Seldom in history do the stars line up to form a field of creative energy that

marks a great period of cultural output. As Russia greeted the twentieth century, the

juxtaposition of the old imperial system in St Petersburg and the dizzying array of

new ideas burst onto the scene. Coupled with social and political unrest and the dying

days of elegance and extravagance in the imperial capital, St Petersburg and all Russia

became a hotbed of creativity.




Mix Tape 15 WA Artists

Author: Tara Brabazon, Robert Cook, Jenepher Duncan and Edmund Tadros

© 2005

ISBN: 0975809814 

Price: $5

Available from the Gallery Shop

'mix tape' captures aspects of Western Australian art as it is configured today. It

features a mix of artists from young to senior, working over many media and

artistic attitudes. Conceived, as the title suggests, in a way akin to the mix tapes

that we send to people, that we share music on, it is an idiosyncratic blend, not

intended to be comprehensive survey. Rather it conveys the sense of intimacy and

adventure found in a mix tape. It captures a sense of surprise in seeing a range of

artists' work you would not have expected to see together in the same space.




Sunshine and Shadow: AB Webb and the poetics of place

Author: Janda Gooding

© 2004

ISBN: 0-9750168-6-5


The beauty of river scenes, paperbarks, reeds and sands at Crawley or Dalkieth,

faint wooded points of land jutting into the river as well as stronger scenes of

Karri trunks, and granite boulders and open plains in the south-west feature in this

catalogue. A beautiful collection of both watercolours and prints, by a leading West

Australian artist.



Howard Taylor, Phenomena

Author: Gary Dufour and Russell Storer

© 2003

ISBN: 0-9750168-2-2

Price: $40

Available from the Gallery Sho

A comprehensive review and commentary on the work of Western Australian

artist Howard Taylor. Includes transcripts of interviews with the artist and over

120 colour plates of work produced from 1950 - 2001.

See also: Howard Taylor, Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings 1942-1984

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South West Central: Indigenous art from south Western Australia 1833 - 2002

Author: Brenda L. Croft, Gurindji/Mudpurra communities, Northern Territory

and Janda Gooding

© 2003

ISBN: 0-9750168-0-6


Embracing a period of nearly two centuries, South West Central, includes a

reproduction of an 1833 ink drawing by Gyallipurt and twenty-first-century

digital re-takes on colonial representations by Dianne Jones. In between is a

myriad of outstanding visual expressions by Nyoongar artists that reveal their

relationships to their communities and traditional lands. Most painfully, they

recall the forcing of people from their traditional lands into fringe camps, the

destruction of their traditional practices and their being rendered invisible in

their own country.




Traces of Genius: Drawings from the Amsterdam Historisch Museum

Author: Jeroen E Jurjens and Norbert E Middelkoop

© 2003


In the Spring of 2000 an exhibition to showcase the highlights of the Amsterdam

Historical Museum's collection of old-master drawings was being prepared, their

high quality led to talks about bringing a selection of the treasures to Perth. It was

a natural fit with both past history and future directions, for the Art Gallery of

WA has a longstanding commitment to contemporary drawing practice. The

personal selection of drawings made by Dr Simon H Levie, former Director of

the Amsterdam Historical Museum and the Rijksmuseum,  from the rich drawing

collection means that, for the first time, audiences outside The Netherlands can

enjoy the quality and diversity of this fine collection.




StripTEASE Max Pam

Author: Robert Cook

© 2002

ISBN: 0-7309-3630-9


StripTEASE offers an in-depth look at the work of Perth-based photographer

Max Pam. Covering over thirty years of practice, this exhibition showcases Pam's

black and white photographs from the 1970s to the 1990s alongside his more

recent, sumptuous colour pictures. His subject-matter embraces a large chunk of

the world, yet, as his work is far better known outside Australia, it is important

that this exhibition was created to be seen within his own country.

With this, all of Pam's work, whether made at home or on the road, lives on in

the imagination, activating the synapses, and eroticising our involvement with

the world. For Max Pam as for those who find themselves caught up in the lure

of his photography, the striptease will never be over......

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Art Gallery of Western Australia

Author: Trevor Smith, Thomas Mulcaire and Gary Dufour

© 2000

ISBN: 0-7309-3627-9

Price: $5

Available from the Gallery Shop

Realising that dialogue can only emerge out of shared interests and concerns,

'home' expands upon the uncertainties of belonging precisely at a time when

these concepts are being reformulated by the persistent pressures of ethnicity,

race, nationalism, and globalism. The exhibition develops from the social,

artistic and historical particularities of South Africa and Western Australia. It

attempts to destroy the disjunctions of distance and open up a trans-regional

conversation between artists. Particular artists, works and practices are woven

into dialogues, conversations and exchanges sustained beyond notions of

territories and borders.




Susan Norrie

Author: Trevor Smith and Gary Dufour

© 1998

ISBN: 0-7309-3624-4


Whether you turn to her paintings, installations or video projections, Susan

Norris' work is haunted by the human body. Figures surface in extravagantly

layered oil paint or float Ophelia-like beneath a video of a viscous oil slick.

Anthropomorphic animals become portraits of pathos and passion, greed and

gluttony. Powerful metaphors of concentration are embodied in historical figures.

The images and subjects in her recent videos and installations are allusive,

hovering just beyond the threshold of immediate or complete recognition. The

lavish surfaces offer glimpses of other times and particular histories. The space

created is for exploration, remembering and discovery.




Nature As Object: Craft and Design from Japan, Finland and Australia

Author: Robert Bell

© 1998

ISBN: 073093621


The outstanding material cultures of Japan, Finland and Australia are shaped

in response to their unique natural environments. 'Nature as Object' focuses on

the innovation and influence of contemporary craft artists and designers in

each of these countries. By tracing similarities of approach the exhibition brings

together objects from specific natural and cultural environments which transcend

the boundaries of locality.

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The Golden Age of Dutch Art: Seventeenth Century Paintings From The Rijksmuseum And Australian Collections

Author: Norbert Middelkoop

© 1997

ISBN: 0730936163 


The Dutch paintings seen in this exhibition date from the years between 1616

and 1697, a period which encompasses the Dutch arrival on Australian coasts.

The artists from the age of the Dutch explorers expressed not only the potential

of the world around them but also the artistic possibilities that lay in people and

their place in the world, as well as in the objects and the landscape around them.

In their manner of painting, these artists explored their individual potentials. At

the same time this seventeenth-century Dutch art also reveals the cohesion within

a small community. In their splendid works, the highly skilled painters of the

Golden Dutch Age record and recall for us major events and personalities.




Design Visions

Author: Robert Bell

© 1992

ISBN: 0730936031


Design Visions is a collection of ideas which have been given a compelling reality

by 111 artists from thirteen countries, working in the areas of glass, metal

jewellery, ceramics, textiles and furniture. Grouped in various sections, these

dramatic and innovative objects reflect a changing vision of the world.




Douglas Chambers: A Survey

Author: Margaret Moore

© 1991

ISBN: 0730936015 


The gamut of human emotions runs through Chambers' art because it is so

connected to his life. His iconography becomes a a key to unraveling narratives

as well as a key to a state of mind, with all the attendant vacillations of mood and

spirit. There is a melancholy and then there is also unbridled humour. There is

intimacy conveyed in his line drawings and his later studies of women range from

tender to the almost voyeuristic. Repeated appearances of certain motifs in various

works also help to construct meanings.

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Perth International Crafts Trennial

Author: Robert Bell


ISSN: 1034-8859 


In both scale and focus the Perth International Crafts Triennial brings new vigour

to Australian organised international exhibitions. It provides an illuminating

account of three selected media and also serves as a forum for dialogue between

four different continents. This Triennial demonstrated the Art Gallery of Western

Australia's commitment to contemporary practice as well as the expertise of its

staff. Robert Bell accepted the challenge to develop a concept and determine the

framework for an ambitious exhibition highlighting new directions in world craft





Monet & Japan

Author: Virginia Spate, David Bromfield, Gary Hickey and Akiki Mabuchi

© 2001

ISBN: 0-642-54129-9



Monet never traveled to Japan, but surrounded himself with a large collection of

Japanese woodblock prints. From as early as the 1870's, critics commented on the

influence these works were having on Monet's Impressionism.

Japanese art accompanied Monet throughout his life as an artist. Without it he

would not be the 'Monet' we know. It affected not only his style and subject

matter, but also the way he saw nature and how he conceived his relationship to

nature. Monet & Japan shows how Japanese prints and paintings helped to shape

Monet's art during six decades, influencing not only his style and subject matter,

but the very way he saw the world around him.



John Campbell 1855-1924

Author: Janice Baker

© 2003


Brochure highlighting the career of John Campbell, an artist and a signwriter who

was active in Western Australia c1892-1923. During this time he produced oil

paintings and watercolours of Perth buildings including houses, pubs, breweries

and churches as well as street scenes, railway stations, military camps and landscapes.



The Pre-Raphaelite Dream: Paintings and Drawings From the Tate Collection

Author: Robert Upstone

© 2003

ISBN: 1-85437-521-0


Drawn from Tate's outstanding holding, The Pre-Raphaelite Dream combines

iconic paintings with less well-known works by the major artists of the movement

to set the work of the Pre-Raphaelites in their aesthetic, social and historical context.



A series of small scale exhibitions designed to give an in depth analysis of either
a single artist, a group of artists working with a common thematic interest or a
production company. Artists are primarily selected for their reference to the State
Art Collection and Western Australian art practice.

Mari Funaki, works 1992-2009  

Mari Funaki, works 1992 - 2009

Author: Robert Cook

© 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-0-3

Price: $5

Available from the Gallery Shop

Mari Funaki is one of Australia's leading jewellers. This exhibition celebrates
her considerable achievements between 1992 and the present day. Her first
major show in a state gallery, it includes nearly fifty works and will be the first
time Perth audiences have seen her work in such depth. Many of these were
new works produced especially for the exhibition.

Download a PDF copy of the exhibition catalogue

David Walker: Anatomy of the object  

David Walker: Anatomy of the object

Authors: Lucy Harper and Robert Cook

© 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9806268-1-0

Price: $5

Available from the Gallery Shop

David Walker is one of Western Australia’s most accomplished and

influential designers and crafts people. David Walker: Anatomy of the object

reveals Walker’s profound fascination with the skeletal form as a vehicle

for spatial and structural explorations, and his abiding commitment to find a

form of expression born out of a sense of Australia. Works from the State

Art Collection, private lenders and public institutions, as well as the artist’s

personal collection, is included.

Download a PDF copy of the exhibition catalogue


Yirrkala artists Everywhen

bark paintings from the State Art Collection

Author: Chad Creighton

© 2009

ISBN: 978-0-9803266-9-7


Presenting selected bark paintings, produced between the late 1950s and the
1980s, this Artist in focus exhibition explores the art of Yolngu people from
Yirrkala and surrounding homelands in Northeast Arnhem Land, Northern
Territory. These works illustrate a significant period in Yolngu art history at
the birth of the struggle for Indigenous land rights. The exhibition includes
pieces from the Louis Allen Collection that were bought in 1988 by the
Government of Western Australia.


Circle of friends

Authors: Robert Cook and Jenepher Duncan

© 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9803266-5-9

Price: $5

Available from the Gallery Shop

Circle of friends presents the work of two Melbourne-based artists David Rosetzky
and James Lynch. A DVD projection by Rosetzky, Nothing like this, 2007, explores
the nuances of friendship amongst a group of twenty-somethings over a holiday
weekend and No fear, a sound piece based on self-help tapes that involves subtle
interaction between the work and its viewers. James Lynch is represented with a
series of four short animations from 2003-2006 documenting his friends' dreams
that have included him and explores our subconscious connections and friendship

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Frank Hinder: a study in dynamic symmetry

Author: Lucy Harper

© 2008

ISBN: 978-0-9803266-6-6

Price: $2

Available from the Gallery Shop

The exhibition is a study of Frank Hinder's works on paper, a compelling group of
works that bring to the fore material rarely seen by the public. The studies provide a
window onto the working method of an artist, and the charms of an original sketch
where ideas for major works are born. Hinder made a significant contribution to

the development of modern art in Australia, and here we glimpse the structures

and preoccupations that fuelled his ideas throughout a long and productive

artistic career.


Brutal, Tender, Human, Animal

Roger Ballen Photography

Author: Robert Cook

© 2007

ISBN: 978-0-9803266-3-5

Over almost thirty years, Roger Ballen has produced some of the most compelling
and thought-provoking images in contemporary photography. His work is

unflinching confronting and always deeply moving. With its roots in the photo

documentary tradition, Ballen's approach has expanded to become an

unforgettable vision of the human condition.

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Radical Elegance

Yohji Yamamoto Garments in Australian Collections

Author: Jenepher Duncan

© 2007

The first solo exhibition of women's clothing by the renowned Japanese couturier,
Yohji Yamamoto in Australia The exhibition traces the changing aesthetic interests

and themes of his work over a twenty-year period. Featuring over forty garment

ensembles, it draws on Australian private collections and the public collections of

the National Gallery of Australia, the National Gallery of Victoria and the
Powerhouse Museum.

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Rodney Glick & Lynnette Voevodin 24Hr Panoramas

Authors: Gary Dufour and Robert Cook

© 2006

ISBN: 0-9758098-9-X

The unique approach of Rodney Glick and Lynnette Voevodin in creating their
DVD video panoramas places an intense focus on nuance and detail, which
challenges common assumptions about the Australian landscape. The '24Hr
Panoramas' reveal the unexpected, the chance discoveries, with supreme

technical skill to provide a new way to see outback WA.

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Kate Daw The Space Between                                                              

Author: Jenepher Duncan

© 2006

ISBN: 0-975-8098-5-7

Price: $5

Available from the Gallery Shop                                                                                                                            

Kate Daw's exhibition of ceramic sculpture, typed text paintings and silkscreen

prints embraces a highly personalised and feminised aesthetic. A further concern

in her work is how narrative functions in contemporary art, in particular the

relation of narrative to its objects through a fragmentary series of encounters.

Daw places her own practice in the context of historical precedent in both fiction

and art.


Ricky Swallow, The Past Sure Is Tense

Author: Jenepher Duncan

© 2006

ISBN: 0-975-8098-6-5


Swallow grounds his work in personal memory and meticulous craftsmanship. He
bridges the divide between everyday iconography and monumentality, popular

culture and art historical traditions. The early sculptures, mostly replicated

machines from his teenage years, resonate as remnants of outdated technologies

and as symbols of the passage of time. Swallow's works, however varied their

content and media, revolve around the themes of evolution, mortality and the

mutability of all things.


Brent Harris, Swamp Op

Author: Robert Cook

© 2006

ISBN: 0-975-8098-2-2

'Swamp Op' combines evenly pitched opposites. Pulling these poles into their
'Swamp Op' unity is the work of Brent Harris, an artist whose obliquely figurative
prints, paintings and drawings spin around an endless mutation of forms that give
pictorial voice to layers of personal, sexual, existential and biological trauma we
experience as humans. All of which unfolds within a keen awareness of the

inevitable point of death which awaits us.

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Under God's Hammer

William Blake versus David Shrigley

Author: Robert Cook

© 2006

ISBN: 0-975-8098-8-1

Price: $10

Available from the Gallery Shop

This unique pairing of historical and contemporary illustrations inspired by the

famously ambiguous Old testament text offers a fascinating look at the

machinations of faith and the power of artistic vision in relation to the world

of the early nineteenth century and our own times. The distinct styles and

world views of these artists produce two remarkable takes on the significance

of the Old Testament story, whose interpretation remains puzzling and manifold.

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Wall Power

Author: Jenepher Duncan

© 2005

ISBN: 0975809806


'Wall Power' brings together seven artists using diverse materials, techniques

and processes to expand the picture plane of the wall into their structural and
conceptual base, using the wall as an intrinsic medium for the creation of art

works, not just their display. While there is no overarching theme in this

exhibition, there are certain optical, procedural and conceptual correspondences

between the works, creating a dynamic dialogue around such elements as

geometry, pattern, structure, colour, decoration and material.

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Wembley Ware: Excitingly Different

Authors: Andrew Nicholls and Melissa Harpley

© 2005



During the 1950s Australia's largest range of commercial ceramics was the

wembly ware line of 'fancyware' produced in western Australia by HL Brisbane

and Wunderlich Ltd. selling nationally and in New Zealand between 1946 and

1961, Wembley Ware invigorated a market dominated by plain, mercenary

wartime ceramics. The ornate designs and lustrous glazes reflected the buoyancy

of post-war Australian society, and resulted in some of the most unique examples

of ceramic Australiana ever commercially produced.

Howard Taylor - Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings 1942-1984 exhibition catalogue  

Howard Taylor: Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings 1942-1984

Author: Gary Dufour

© 1985

ISBN: 0-7244-6900-1


HOWARD TAYLOR Sculptures, Paintings, Drawings 1942-1984 traces the

development of this Western Australian artist, commencing with drawings

from time spent in Prisoner of War camps to the latter works. The emphasis

within the exhibition has been to reveal the breadth of Howard Taylor's work

in all media. This catalogue also lists of his commissioned works between

1958 and 1980.

View: a copy of the exhibition catalogue

See also Howard Taylor, Phenomena catalogue






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